Dental Implants

Dental Implants

We recommend dental implants to our patients who have missing teeth or who want a more permanent fix to their dentures or partials.

This is a fairly lengthy procedure—it requires continued visits over several months—but dental implants are a strong, stable, and durable options for our patients who need it.
How do you know if you need implants, though?

If you experience any of the following issues, make an appointment with Dr. Fellner to discuss your options:

  • You want to restore your smile and facial tissues
  • You want to secure your dentures or bridge to make them more secure
  • You want to replace one or more missing teeth without disturbing the surrounding teeth
  • You have joint pain or bite problems
  • You want to improve your chewing, speech, and digestion

Once you have spoken with Dr. Fellner and it has been decided that you are a good candidate for implants, the process will begin. First, Dr. Fellner will take x-rays and molds of your jaw so that he can determine that the condition of your bone, gum tissue and spacing are suitable for implant treatment. Because the implants will be surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw bone, this step is vital in determining how successful the treatment will be. The implants are made of titanium and will serve as artificial roots for the new teeth.

After Dr. Fellner has viewed your x-rays and decided that implants will benefit you, he will numb the area and surgically place the first implant into the bone. Healing time can take about six months so that the implant can integrate into the bone. The second surgery will include placing the “post” that will hold the artificial tooth in place.

After several more weeks of healing, the artificial tooth is created and then fitted to the established implant. If more than one implant is needed, this process can take up to two months to complete.