No, we’re not talking about a road bridge. A dental bridge—also known as a pontic—is a false tooth that is attached between two porcelain crowns.

If you have a missing tooth, the custom-made bridge is used to fill in the gap. However, if you have more than one missing tooth, we use what is called a fixed bridge and this bridge is attached to either side of the false tooth. Bridges can help correct bite issues and even improve your speech.

So what is this procedure like?

Dr. Fellner will begin by preparing the teeth that will be supporting the false tooth. He will numb the area, and then Dr. Fellner will remove a bit of material from each tooth on either side of the gap. This is done to accommodate for the thickness of the new crown.

Then, Dr. Fellner will take an impression of the area. This mold will be sent off to a dental lab to manufacture your custom bridge. In the meantime, Dr. Fellner will fit you with a temporary bridge that will protect your teeth and gums until the permanent bridge can be put in.

You will return for your second appointment after the permanent bridge has arrived, and Dr. Fellner will ensure that the bridge is a good fit for you. Once that is complete, the new bridge will be cemented to your teeth.